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Northern Game Summit 2017

Please do note that the Kajaanin Ammattikorkeakoulu appropriates VAT accordingly even though our service partner operates from overseas.

To enquire about group discounts please contact aile[at]northerngamesummit.org


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Please select the number of tickets you want to order
Tickets for "Northern Game Summit 2017" (10/05/2017 – 10/06/2017)
Type Number Available Price Sum
Event Pass 197
Event Day 1 25
Event Day 2 25
Benefactor (VIP) 40

Event details

Northern Game Summit - NGS - is a two-day Game Development Conference running since 2012. It is for game developers' continuous professional furthering and associated industries, held in Kajaani, Finland. NGS provides an easygoing and intimate environment for game creators to mingle, connect and exchange ideas. The list of our previous speakers and our partners is available here: http://www.northerngamesummit.org/2016.html.

Every year the participants have prized the friendly and comfortable yet informative feel of our event and we do our best to live up to your expectations once more.

Schedule, speaker presentations and all the rest of the relevant information can be found at northerngamesummit.org

5 — 6 October 2017
Thursday — Friday
BioRex Kajaani
Kauppakatu 38

Event host

For more information please contact:

Ai Le Ha
Sales Manager, NGS 2017
Email: aile[at]northerngamesummit.org